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The History of Jazz & Blues




acrylic, vinyl


Creative community: YuryErmolenko, Maryna Maryam Savchenko, Ostap Stupka, on the basis of project by Yury Ermolenko “Facevinyl”

I. “Facevinyl” – it is the collection project . 206 portraits of the most outstanding musicians, according to the British Encyclopedia: “THE DEFINITIVE ILLUSTRATED ENCYCLOPEDIA JAZZ & BLUES” ( General Editor: Julia Rolf; Foreword by Jeff ‘Tain’ Watts ), painted by acrylic on vinyl records (considerable expansion of a collection is planned: “NEW Facevinyl series”)

II. “Facevinyl” – it is the project travel on jazz and blues festivals, clubs worldwide. The route is in a formation stage, invitations are considered. We wait for your offers and with pleasure we will participate in interesting JAZZ & BLUES festivals ( New York City – final point travel of the project “Facevinyl” )

III. “Facevinyl” – it is the project anthropology, research: Face & Art & Music, search and publication of interesting author’s materials ( music, painting, graphics, sculpture, photo, collage, etc. )

IV. “Facevinyl”- it is the project – communication of all people, not indifferent to creativity. V. “Facevinyl” -it is creative laboratory, the base for realization of the most daring ideas and decisions.

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